Car Polishing and Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coating + Polishing

Using German Technology, SONAX Ceramic Coating CC36 provides a durable 9H ceramic coating, protects against UV light, chemical, road salt, tar and more. Protection lasts up to 1 year, or up to 3 years when Polymer Net Shield is applied every 6 months.

With a preparatory polishing performed before the coating process, the shine and vibrancy of the paint colour is rejuvenated before the CC36 ceramic coating is applied to greatly enhance the gloss and protect the car with a ceramic layer. This layer helps your car to self-clean to some degree as the dirt and water glides off the surface.

Benefits of Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coating Advantage
Ceramic Coating Advantage

With a treated layer of ceramic nano compound on the paint surface, rain and dirt simply glide off the car easily due to the hydrophobic properties of the ceramic coating as though the car “self-cleans” itself.¬†

ceramic coating protect
ceramic coating protect

The Ceramic Coating provides protection  against UV light, this reduces the car paint from degrading in direct light.

The thin layer of ceramic film acts as a sacrificial layer of film against mild scratches, protecting your car paint’s integrity in the long run.

polish shiny car
Polish Shiny Car

With the nano-ceramic surface treatment, achieve a level of gloss and shine just like how you remember when collecting the car from the showroom for the first time.

Gloss Level | 6/5
Durability | 6/5
Water Repellent | 6/5
Ease of Wash | 5/5

Ceramic Coating + Advance Polishing

Swirl Mark Lightening | 4.9/5

S/M SIZE CAR: $860


Ceramic Coating + Basic Polishing

Swirl Mark Lightening | 4/5

S/M SIZE CAR: $760


Ceramic Coating Advantage
Car polishing 3 stage
Car polish 1 stage

Advance & Basic Polishing for removing swirl marks

The intensive 3 stage polishing achieves a almost flawless finish on the car paint that is long lasting. It removes swirl marks by smoothing out your car exterior with a detailed 3 step procedure, bringing out that shine on the car paint just as you remembered when receiving the car for the first time.

A protective sealant will be applied, giving the paint glossy finish with water beading and UV Protection.

The car seats will be leather conditioned and car interior air ozone treated allowing it to smell fresh like a new car.

1. Paint Treatment
– PH Neutral Shampoo Treatment
– Decontamination treatment
– Clay Bar Treatment

2. Tire and Rim Revitalisation
– Rim cleaning and tire shine

correction polishing treatment

– Defect Treatment

– Swirl Mark Treatment

– Etch Mark Treatment

Polishes and smoothes the surface for a showroom quality shine.

– UV Protection with Sealant applied on car paint

– Water Beading on Car paint

Basic Polishing

Swirl Mark Lightening | 4/5
Gloss Level | 4/5
Durability | 3.5/5

S/M CAR: $280

X/XL CAR: $320

Advance Polishing

Swirl Mark Lightening | 4.9/5
Gloss Level | 5/5
Durability | 4.5/5

S/M CAR: $560

X/XL CAR: $760

Extra Protection

Wi Clean Soon provides additional car services to provide the deep level of sanitisation and detailing that owners want.

Roof Lining Cleaning

With specialised chemicals to break down the dirt stains and steam sanitisation, make your car interior look like brand new again:

S/M CAR: $480

X/XL CAR: $680

Engine Bay Cleaning

Revitalise your car’s engine bay with our state of the art engine bay revitalisation treatment


Headlight Restoration

A 2 stage deep polish that smooths out your headlight, removes scratches and brings out the shine of your head light.


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