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Upholstery & household cleaning. On-Demand.

Providing you with an NEA licensed specialist. From hygiene needs to disinfection and stain removal.

Dual Steam & Shampoo treatment



Chemical Treatment

Dirt loosening treatment
Chemicals loosens stains and dirt on the surface of the fabric

Steam Treatment

Anti-bacterial disinfection 
Steam disinfects surface of bed

Dust mite removal 
Heat kills dust mites on the bed

Odour removal

Extraction treatment

Stain treatment
Removal of dirt and stain liquid*

*note: extent of stain removal depends on factors such as duration, type of stain, and material of fabric


1 Seater : $130
Seater : $140
Seater : $160
Seater : $180
L Shaped : $200

Household carpet $130

Office/Commercial carpet
(price /square feet)
<599 sf : $0.60 (Min $250)
600-1200 sf : $0.35
1201-2500 sf : $0.30
2501-5000 sf : $0.25
5001-7999 sf : $0.20

Single : $100
Queen : $130
King : $140

Chair – $25
Pillow – $15

Shampoo deep cleaning

What is shampoo treatment?

Removes/lightens stains on the fabric

A process to clean mattress. A special shampoo  is applied onto the surface to break down the stains. The specialist then agitate the shampoo to increase its effectiveness before extracting the dirt up with a machine.

Anti-bacterial disinfection

The chemicals disinfects the surface of bacteria and viruses while treating the stain.

How is the treatment done?

Step 1 : inspection of site

Before the start of the work, the specialists inspect and accesses the site to understand the impact of the stain. This process helps the operator to focus on areas of more severe stain for a more effective treatment.

Step 2 : Shampoo treatment

A special shampoo is applied on the target spot of treatment, while high stain areas are applied with more frequency to increase the effectiveness of removal at those areas.

Step 3 : Steam treatment

Steam is then applied on the entire surface to increase the effectiveness of the shampoo treatment. The steamer acts as a dual mechanism for disinfection and cleaning, removing dirt while the steam penetrates the surface for better disinfection.

Step 4 : Extraction

An extractor machine removes the surface of the treated stain, dirt, and liquid. So the bed can dry faster to reduce the chances of mold developing within the fabric.

*note: the extent of stain removal depends on various factors (non-exhaustive) such as duration, type of stain, and the surface of the stained areas.

Spring cleaning of household



Chemical Treatment

Disinfection of covid19
Disinfection with wipe down of surface according to NEA, CDC, and WHO international guidelines

Equipment provided

Tools and equipments provided 
No hidden fees that charges you for equipments. We provide you a “worry-free” solution.

Deep stain and grease cleaning

We use hospital grade grease & stain removers
We provide stain and grease removal *Results are subjected to conditions of stain

*note: extent of stain and grease removal depends on factors such as duration, type of stain, and material of fabric.

Note: disposal of items are not included in spring/move in/ move out cleaning. Additional charges are at $24/hour of work.

We come to you and clean your house and car. So you can be safe

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positive review  Pampered my car with interior cleaning - sanitized, vacuumed and leather taken care of. Arranged a booking with Wi Clean Soon apoointment confirmed in a jiffy! They're snappy and efficient. The services rendered by them? Second to none! Am definitely a very happy customer! Industrial vacuum? Checked. Sanitizer spray? Checked. Environmental friendly solutions? Checked. Mini generator? Checked! Yes they brought mini genset to accommodate their superb workmanship! If anybody el were to asked me about them, I'll definitely say "BOOK NOW!". Thank you so much Kawi and Eddie. You guys are awesome. My car interior is sparkling clean and feels like new..Keep it up guys!

Hassanul Ariff Avatar Hassanul Ariff
May 13, 2020

positive review  engaged them for car , sofa , carpet ... cleaning. All we can say is great service, clean job, good price and definitely will engage their service again. Recommended 👍

Angelyne Teoh Avatar Angelyne Teoh
November 11, 2020

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